We’ve paid dividends every year since before there were dollar bills.



And in 2017, our dividend payout will be our largest ever.

Some things never change. Our commitment to our policy owners is one of them. Every year since 1854, our policy owners have shared in our success—through the best of times and the not-so-best of times. And 2017 will be no different.

In fact, in the last five years, our total dividend payment has grown by 35%. Sure, challenges come and go and, in this extended period of low interest rates, those of us in the life insurance business certainly have our share of them. But even in this environment, our strategy and our diverse lines of business have put us in the position to be one of the only life insurers with top financial strength ratings1 to maintain its dividend scale in 2017. We believe this achievement is a result of our mutuality, and the way we manage our business—with our policy owner’s long-term interests in mind, not the short-term demands of shareholders. And there’s great news for owners of our Mutual Income Annuity: This year marks the first time since the product was launched in 2015 that they will receive a dividend.2

The details

163rd consecutive year dividends have been paid

$1.77 billion total expected payout is largest in company history

35% increase since 2012

So what does this mean for you? If you’re a participating3 policy owner…

Before you know it, your dividends could be having dividends of their own.

When you use your 2017 dividend payment to purchase more life insurance, your new paid-up additional insurance is then eligible to receive future dividend payments—building benefit on top of benefit. And as your life and your needs continue to grow, your coverage and cash value can grow with you.

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So, whether you’re in your fifth year of your policy or your 25th, the dividend you receive in 2017 keeps you moving in the right direction in building and securing your financial future.

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