There’s no end to how you can use your dividends.

Do you know that when you buy a participating whole life policy from New York Life, you are eligible to earn dividends?1,2 And while dividends are not guaranteed, 2019 will be the 165th consecutive year that our clients will receive them. 

$1.8 billion to be paid in 2019.

On November 14, New York Life’s Board of Directors approved a total expected dividend payout of $1.8 billion. That’s great news because dividends can be used in a variety of ways: 

  • Buy more life insurance protection—and increase your cash value—with no additional underwriting.
  • Apply them to your premium payments to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Deposit them with New York Life where they can earn interest.
  • Take them in cash. 

It can really add up over time.
Using dividends to buy more life insurance (what we call “paid-up additions’’) is popular with our policy owners because it’s an easy way to give yourself more protection—and more cash value—while continuing to build financial security. You see, if you use your dividend to purchase more life insurance, that paid-up addition is also eligible to receive dividends. Year after year, your dividends can purchase more paid-up additions.

If you want financial strength, you’re in the right place.
As a mutual company, we aim to pay the highest-possible annual dividend, while maintaining our financial strength, so that we can continue to meet current and future obligations. You can take comfort in the fact that New York Life enjoys the highest ratings for financial strength currently awarded to any life insurer by all four major rating agencies:3

Fitch Ratings
AAA (Highest)
Standard & Poor’s
AA+ (Highest)
A.M. Best
A++ (Highest)
Moody’s investors Service
AAA (Highest)

Find out what dividends could mean to your family and future.
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