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Advanced Planning Group.

You’ve been successful—and you’re not finished yet.

You’re already well established on your journey to success, but you know there’s more to come and bigger goals to achieve. You’re not finished yet. And you probably didn’t get here alone.

Like most successful people, you’ve likely formed a team of experts to support you and guide you on how to navigate your course. And you will continue to build and strengthen your team of advisors along the way.

Through your New York Life Agent, you have access to a nationally known group of knowledgeable, experienced professionals who can understand your objectives, examine your current planning strategies, and offer well-researched suggestions and solutions to help you optimize your financial goals.

Working with your Agent and the Advanced Planning Group in your planning process can help you preserve and protect what you’ve spent a lifetime creating.


New York Life Insurance Company and its affiliates, Agents, and employees do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Individuals should consult with their own tax, legal, or accounting advisors before implementing any planning strategies.