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Featured New York Life Manager: Broderick Young.

Life Product Consultant South Central Zone.

Broderick Young learned about the importance of life insurance at an early age. When he was a child growing up in Miami, his parents took in the six children of an aunt who had passed away. The aunt had no life insurance. Perhaps it’s no surprise that a few years after graduating from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Finance and Insurance, he came to work at New York Life, to make sure other families did not end up facing financial strains from similar circumstances. “I’ve always wanted to help other families understand the importance of life insurance and what life insurance from a quality carrier like New York Life can do for them.”

He was initially directed to New York Life by his supervisor at another insurer who recommended New York Life’s training program. “My supervisor said, “Work there for three years, get the training and call me back, and you can work with me in agency,” Broderick says. He took the advice, but once at New York Life, he knew he wanted to stay.

Broderick joined the Miami office in 2000, and was its leading New Associate in 2001. He was also the leading New Associate in the South Florida office in 2002 after the office merged, and then moved into management in the Valley Forge office in 2003 as an Associate Sales Development Manager. In 2006, he became the Development Manager of the Orlando office, and was then promoted in 2008 to Director of Development for the Greater Washington office. In his current role, he serves as Life Product Consultant for several sales offices in Baltimore, Greater Washington, and Northern and Richmond, Virginia.

A passion for teaching.

Moving into training and management felt natural to Broderick, who comes from a family of educators: his father, mother and several siblings have worked as teachers, principals, and school administrators. “I have a passion for teaching, educating and helping,“ he says.

No better place to be.

“My Development Managers in South Florida were instrumental to my success as an agent. I loved that they were able to help me build a career.

“From what I’ve seen, the only thing standing in the way of your success at New York Life is yourself. The Company has a platform to make sure that you gain all the skills and knowledge you need. So, if you have the desire to be successful, there’s no better place to be.”

Why New York Life?

For over 170 years, New York Life has provided financial security to families and businesses, and supports the success of its employees. New York Life offers an innovative workplace.

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