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Featured New York Life Manager: Edward Dunmore.

Senior Agency Standards Consultant, Jacksonville Office.

Ed Dunmore knows from experience that even when things are going well, it is worth considering your options. A native of Detroit, he attended the University of Arkansas on a music scholarship (he plays trumpet). Upon graduation, Dunmore entered the Marine Corps, where he served as a Logistics Officer in Norfolk, Va. When his tour was up, he found success in the automotive industry. It was actually his own New York Life agent who suggested that he consider a career with New York Life.

“I had no real knowledge about insurance,” he says. “I was happy with my career in the car business, and I was doing well. But I began looking at the longevity of what I was doing in comparison to my agent. New York Life had a more appealing long-term track.”

In 1997, Dunmore, joined New York Life.In the same year, he was named New Agent of the Year (Norfolk office) and New Org Life and Overall First Year Commission Leader. Also, he achieved Life All Star and Centurion, consecutively, from 1997 - 2000, and attained Executive Council from 1998 - 2000.

A positive effect.

In 2001, Dunmore became a Sales Development Manager in the Jacksonville office. In 2006, he was promoted to Agency Standards Consultant and Senior Agency Standards Consultant for the Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston General offices. “My job is to ensure that agents and managers are clear on the Company’s high standards of business conduct. We’re tasked with protecting the brand and the Company’s reputation. I believe that if I positively affect an agent’s mindset, I’ll be successful at protecting the brand from the bottom up.”

A player and a coach.

Initially unsure about moving into management, Dunmore remembered something his former Managing Partner had once said: “There’s no way to know whether you’re going to like coaching versus playing until you’ve had an opportunity to do both.” He is grateful for the advice. “When I dove into this training thing, it was like breathing new air,” he says. “It was truly a wonderful experience, having some level of impact on young people coming into this industry. Mostly, I think it’s important for young black men and women in this business to see possibilities for success. I hope to be a good example in that regard.”

Why New York Life?

For 170 years, New York Life has provided financial security to families and businesses, and supports the success of its employees. New York Life offers an innovative workplace.

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