Annual review checklist.

Whether you’re planning your annual review with a financial professional or just collecting your financial information in one place, a yearly checklist can be a useful and convenient tool. It’s also a good way to track any changes in your life that might have an impact on your finances later.

For your convenience, we've provided a fairly standard list below (feel free to customize it to your particular needs).



Residence phone:

Business phone:

Since our last annual review, I:

  • Have changed my residence/business address and/or telephone
    • My new address is:
    • My new phone number is:
  • Have bought a house
  • Have had a new baby and
    • His/her name is:
    • Date of birth:
  • Have changed my marital status
  • Made a change in employment
  • Started a new business
  • Acquired/lost insurance coverage:
    • Medical
    • Disability
    • Life
  • Wish to change the beneficiary on one or more policies
  • Wish to review my policies

I would like to learn more about:

  • Personal insurance planning for:
    • Life insurance needs
    • College funding
    • Mortgage funding with life insurance
    • Funding qualified retirement plans
    • Estate conservation
    • Charitable giving
    • Gifts to children/grandchildren
    • Other
  • Products:
    • Individual life insurance
    • Fixed and immediate annuities
    • Disability income insurance
    • Health insurance
    • Employee health benefit plans
    • Long-term care insurance
  • Business insurance planning for:
    • Business overhead expense insurance
    • Buy-sell funding
    • Deferred compensation funding with life insurance
    • Executive bonus plans with life insurance
    • Salary continuation plans
    • Funding for qualified plans
    • Key person protection with life and disability income insurance
    • Other

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