Ready to downsize - who are you going to call?

If you like the idea of downsizing for retirement but hesitate because packing up and moving is just too daunting, consider a step-by-step approach.

Start with a realistic assessment of your assets, not only your real property and possessions but your organizational skills and experience. Then do some research to find out what outside resources—like decluttering services and move managers—are available and desirable in your particular situation.

Whether you decide to hire help, enlist the aid of friends and family or take the DIY approach, here's a quick checklist to help you get started:

  1. If you're preparing your house for sale, a decluttering or staging service can help with a variety of tasks, including sorting possessions and disposing of what's unwanted. This process not only facilitates the move, it also helps showcase your property to enhance its curb appeal and sales potential. 1
  2. A professional move manager can save you time and money by helping with organization and coordination. For example, you might not know where to sell unwanted jewelry or artwork, or how to appraise the value of antiques.
  3. Remember that downsizing will be accompanied by a host of changing needs and responsibilities. As you develop a timeline and a budget for the move, take the time to review your insurance policies and make sure they reflect your current needs.
  4. Downsizing for retirement is also a good time to look anew at your financial strategy. Whether you are moving into a condo, a retirement community or a cottage on a lake, you want to be sure your investments are in order for the next life chapter.

From planning for retirement to downsizing to securing your family’s future, life is always changing. We can help.

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