Here's how much you can save by combining subscriptions with your spouse.

A happy marriage is a reflection of love and happiness, but there’s another key element that’s often overlooked: saving money. Being married is a great opportunity to save money on monthly expenses and improve self-budgeting. A Budgeting 101 class will teach you how to tally up your individual costs to show your monthly overhead. That amount can be scary when you realize how much your HBO, iCloud storage, and gym memberships run you when combined. As you and your spouse create a new spending path, here’s how you can keep your subscriptions and save money every month.


Whether you’re loyal to a complete cable package for your home entertainment system or limited to Netflix access on your phone, you can likely save money on what you pay to watch. Go beyond sharing an account with your spouse and share with additional family members. Netflix’s Premium account has access for four devices at the same time, so you could only be on the hook for your portion of the monthly fee. HBO NOW and Amazon Instant Video memberships can also be shared by you and your spouse. If you’re a Hulu viewer, you can get free access if you have Spotify Premium or an unlimited phone plan with Sprint. 

Possible monthly savings: $15


As more people continue to adopt the monthly music subscription model, you now have options to opt into plans and providers that best suit your personal preferences. If your taste in music differs from that of your spouse, you can still share an account to save on monthly fees. Spotify offers a family subscription, where you each get individual accounts for one monthly fee. Apple Music offers this same promotion. You can also take advantage of free trial periods for music services. For example, Sprint customers qualify for six months free of TIDAL HiFi—otherwise priced at $19.99/month.

Possible monthly savings: $20


Most mobile providers offer family and multi-line plans. As a couple, you can save significantly on your monthly phone bill by consolidating plans. If one of you comes from a competing provider, you can often get additional promotions, like a free smartphone. AT&T’s Mobile Share Flex plan offers multiple lines at one flat rate that avoids any overage charges, Verizon allows you to easily add new lines to any existing account, and Sprint offers user-friendly onboarding to switch to a family plan. It’s realistic to save $50 per month by switching to a shared plan.

Possible monthly savings: $50


The easiest way to save money on your exercise costs is to get outside with your spouse and do activities together, but most of us are more content in the familiar sanctuaries of our gyms and studios. If you pay a monthly fee for an exercise service or facility, inquire about partner memberships or referral rates for bringing your spouse. Another option is to buy exercise classes in bulk and share individual sessions.

Possible monthly savings: $45


Meal programs like Blue Apron, Home Chef, or Fresh Direct have made it more affordable to eat as a pair than as an individual—and easier to cook complete meals without food going to waste. Spend some time deciding on how and what you want to eat together, then build a two-person meal program that’s personalized for you.

Possible monthly savings: $25


Sharing a joint bank account with your spouse can be one of the first big steps you take together in marriage. This is subjective to every couple, of course, but the point of merging finances is to save money, not spend more. Talk to your bank about monthly fees on a joint account that aligns with your activity and look into a joint credit card that caters to your combined spending habits, while offering low annual fees.

Possible monthly savings: $15


As you grow accustomed to the concept of sharing everything in marriage, take a deep dive to share your lists of subscriptions with one another. Odds are you and your spouse have doubled up on at least one service. Whether it’s Amazon Prime, an entertainment service, or a software licensing fee, you can cut additional costs by downgrading to one subscription. Some box subscriptions, like Birchbox, offer programs where you can subscribe to multiple orders under one account.

Possible monthly savings: $30

Total monthly savings opportunity by combining subscriptions with your spouse: $200

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