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Receive policy related documents to your secure online account. New to electronic delivery? Sign up any time and experience convenient and secure online service.

  • What is electronic document delivery?

    Electronic document delivery is a way to electronically receive your policy related documents. You can sign up by visiting and selecting “My Account”—we’ll send you an email when your documents are ready. To access your documents, all you have to do is click, sign in, and view!

  • What documents can be sent electronically?

    Documents available through electronic delivery for Variable Universal Life and Variable Annuity policies include: annual reports, semi-annual reports, prospectuses, and quarterly policy summaries.

    Documents available for electronic delivery for all other policies include: federal income tax forms (i.e., 1099–INT, 1099–R, 5498), annual policy summaries, and your privacy notice. Coming soon, premium notices and confirmation statements will also be eligible for electronic delivery.

    Other types of communications concerning your policy will continue to be sent to you via U.S. mail. Please note that although premium notices will be available for electronic delivery, your bill will continue to be sent via U.S. mail.

    For your convenience, we’ll continue to make additional documents eligible for electronic delivery.

  • How does electronic document delivery work?

    All you have to do is enroll! When documents are available, we’ll send you an email with a personalized link to our secure website where your documents can be viewed. When you click on the link, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your account where you will be able to view, download, and print your documents.

  • Who is eligible for electronic document delivery?

    Individual owners of variable products (except for New York Life and Annuity Corporation’s Variable Life Insurance product) and New York Life Insurance Company life and annuity policies are eligible to sign up for electronic document delivery.

  • Are trusts or corporations eligible to sign up for electronic document delivery? 

    At this time, electronic document delivery is only available for products that are owned by individuals. Any New York Life products that are owned by corporations, trusts, or other entities currently aren’t eligible.

  • If I signed up for electronic document delivery, will I receive confirmation of my delivery preferences?

    Of course! Once you sign up, we’ll send you an email to confirm your electronic document delivery selections. Changed your mind? No problem. You can change your preferences—or your email address—anytime by logging in to your account on

  • Will I be notified when my documents are ready to view?

    Yes! We’ll send you an email to let you know when your documents are available to view.

  • How do I access my documents? 

    To access your documents, all you have to do is click, sign in, and view! Click on the link provided in your email, sign in to your account, and view, download, or print your documents.

  • When will I receive my documents? What if I haven’t received anything?

    Eligible documents will be sent electronically in tandem with regular mailing dates. If for any reason you don’t receive the documents or if the documents delivered to your email don’t match up with those you’ve elected to receive, please let us know immediately so we can assist. If your email address has changed, don’t forget to update your account.

  • Can I withdraw or update my consent to electronic document delivery?

    Yes, you always have the option to withdraw your consent or update what documents you’d like to have electronically delivered. You can update document delivery to modify what eligible documents are sent electronically. Or, to withdraw your consent for electronic document delivery completely, you can change your preferences in your account to U.S. mail, or let us know by either contacting your registered representative or our service center at (800) 598-2019.

  • Can I receive a paper copy of the documents received electronically?

    You can receive a paper copy of any electronic document—with the exception of consolidated statements—by contacting your registered representative, agent, or our service center.

  • How can I contact a New York Life service center?

    If you have any questions or concerns, we’re here to help—you can contact our service centers by mail or by phone.

    By mail:

    For NYLIAC variable universal life and variable annuity policies:

    New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation
    Variable Products Service Center
    Madison Square Station
    P.O. Box 922
    New York, NY 10159

    For all other life and annuity policies:

    By mail:

    New York Life
    Cleveland Service Center
    P.O. Box 6916
    Cleveland, OH 44101

    By phone:

    (800) CALL-NYL

  • What format will my documents be provided in?

    Your electronic documents will be provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe® Acrobat® is required to view your documents. The latest version is available for download—free of charge—from

  • What if the email address that I entered when I signed up is incorrect or has changed?

    If the email address provided is incorrect or has changed we’ll resume sending your documents by U.S. mail. We’ll send you a letter to notify you that your email address needs to be updated to continue with electronic document delivery. If you need to make changes to your email address, please log in to your account and update your delivery preferences. You’ll still be able to view your statements online.

  • How do I update my delivery preferences?

    You can make changes to your Electronic document delivery preferences anytime by visiting us at and selecting “My Account.” From there, all you have to do is click on “Update Document Delivery.” Once your preferences are updated, an email will be sent to the address you provided, confirming your most recent changes.

  • What are the hardware/software requirements for electronic delivery?

    Enrollment in Electronic document delivery requires that you have a personal computer with appropriate browser and email software. In order to view documents in the PDF, you must have Adobe® Acrobat® viewer software installed on your personal computer. This software is available for download, free of charge, from

  • What other considerations must be taken into account for successful electronic delivery?

    From time to time, emails may not transmit properly, your internet service provider may experience system failure, or other problems may arise. If you don’t receive the electronic documents you selected as expected, you should contact your registered representative, agent, or the appropriate service center (please see How can I contact a New York Life service center?) If a policy is no longer in force you will no longer receive the documents (other than certain federal income tax forms) either by electronic document delivery or through the U.S. mail. Federal income tax forms for such policies will be mailed to you, free of charge, through the U.S. mail.

  • How can I see a list of my statements?

    Once you have logged into your account, simply click on the View Statements menu. From there, you may select which type of statement or transaction history you would like to review by selecting the available documents from the Statement Type dropdown menu.

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