Questions and answers about privacy.

Questions and answers about privacy at

What information is collected by and how is it used?

You can access information about our products on our site on-line calculators, worksheets and other site tools without providing any of your personal information. When you do choose to provide us with your personal information at the site, we will use it in the following restricted ways:

  • When You Request to be Contacted
    If you would like to receive any additional information, such as a brochure, you will need to provide us with your contact information. We will use this information only to fulfill your request. When you ask to be contacted by an agent, we will identify an appropriate New York Life agent to whom we will relay your request.
  • Job Applicants
    Our site also provides information about careers at New York Life and about becoming a New York Life agent. Should you choose to submit your resume on-line, it will be forwarded to the people responsible for filling the relevant position. No other use is made of this information.
  • Your New York Life account
    If you are an existing New York Life customer, you can use our client website to access and update your policy information. To access your account, you will need to register a User Name and Password. Click on the Register Now button on the login page to begin registering. You will need to provide your Last Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Policy Number before you can create a User Name and Password. In addition, you must also select a Secret Question and Answer in the event you ever forgot your User Name or Password. See our our Login Help page for more details about how to register.

Like many Web sites, we collect limited anonymous information about our users and their systems. When users come to our site, we collect their IP addresses, browser types, the domain they came from, and their likely country of origin. This anonymous information is aggregated and is not associated with individual users. It is collected to help us analyze usage patterns, improve the site’s overall performance, and provide information useful to our users.

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How long will maintain information about me?

We will maintain the information regarding our policyholders for as long as the policies remain in force and for the legally required time thereafter.

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How does use cookies?

Like other websites, uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identifier that is placed on your computer when you visit our site. Cookies are used to store information so that our server can properly identify your computer. We also use cookies to generate meaningful usage statistics, for example, how many visitors entered the site, and/or specific pages that were visited. In order to protect your privacy, no personal information of any kind is stored. Cookies do not damage your system or files in any way.

Most browsers recognize when a cookie is offered and allow users to opt-out of receiving them. If you are not sure whether your browser has this capability, you should check with the software manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Please be aware that if you choose to disable cookies, you will not have access to many beneficial features of our Web site, including the Virtual Service Center.

We also use cookies to help us develop tailored advertisements for you on third party web sites. This service is provided by third party advertising companies (“network advertisers”) that help us track user activity on our site and identify other sites our users have visited that are also associated with the network advertisers. No user personal information is shared with network advertisers or stored by the cookie. You can opt-out of having these network advertisers track your browser activity, by going to Google Privacy & Term page, the US-based choices page, or the EU-based Your Online Choices.

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Does use Web Beacons or so-called “web bugs”?

We employ services, which collect data remotely through the use of Web "Beacons" or tags embedded in content. These services then return completely anonymous data to New York Life within aggregated web site traffic reports. The Web beacons used by these services do not collect, gather, monitor or share any personal information about web site visitors. They are merely the technology used to compile anonymous observations about our web site’s usage and visitor behavior. Web beacons are typically very small, usually 1 by 1 pixel in size, and have no impact on the site's performance.

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What privacy rules apply when I visit other Web sites?

Our site provides links to other Web sites, including our subsidiaries and affiliates, our business partners, and third party sites containing information that we believe you may find useful. When you visit those sites, you will be operating under their individual privacy policies. We encourage you to carefully review the respective privacy policies.

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What security measures does the site maintain to protect my personal information?

We have implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security to protect personal information collected online from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. All personal information you supply on the site is encrypted during transmission and then stored on a secure server. However, you should be aware that our return e-mail messages to you cannot be encrypted and thus cannot be considered fully secure. Non-encrypted e-mail can be intercepted and viewed by other Internet users without your knowledge or consent.

New York Life employees follow a company wide security policy. Only authorized personnel are allowed access to personal information collected online and these employees have been trained to safeguard the confidentiality of this information.

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How does the site protect children’s privacy?

Our site is not intended for children under 13 years of age. We do not knowingly collect or maintain personal information online from, or market online to, children under 13 years of age.

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How can international visitors use the site?

New York Life sells its products and services throughout the world. Although only addresses products sold to residents of the United States, we welcome visitors from other countries. You can review our products and services, use our calculators, and access articles that may be of interest to you. As a company based in the United States of America, we operate under United States laws and regulations and information received from international users will be stored and processed in the United States.

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How will I know if the site changes its Privacy Policy?

New York Life reserves the right to change this privacy policy. If we do so, we will post notification on the site at least thirty days before the new policy goes into effect. To ensure you are aware of changes to our policy, we post the effective date of our policy. No data collected under this privacy policy will be used in a manner inconsistent with our stated policy, unless we provide you with the opportunity to tell us you would not like to participate in any programs we may establish.

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Our Commitment to You

At New York Life, we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive source of life insurance and financial products information on the Web. When we ask for personal information of any kind, or give you with the opportunity to supply such information, it is solely to improve our ability to meet your needs and respond to your requests. We will continue to do whatever we can to protect your privacy at our site.


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