Assets under management.

Fixed Income Investors (FII) is a premier fixed income asset manager responsible for managing assets for New York Life’s General Account and for third-party portfolios. Today, our AUM totals to approximately $165 billion1.

As of 12/31/20
1Reflects the AUM of Fixed Income Investors, an investment group within NYL Investors LLC. Fixed Income Investors AUM: book value - $152.0b, market value - $10.6b, cost + unfunded commitments - $0.8b, notional - $1.0b.
2Reflects the assets managed by Fixed Income Investors on behalf of third parties and affiliated Mutual Funds.
Definitions: ABS/CMBS: Asset-Backed Securities/Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities; MBS: Mortgage-Backed Securities; CMO: Collateralized Mortgage Obligations.