Philosophy – Our Guiding Principles.

Capital preservation and loss avoidance have always been the central components of our investment philosophy and extend to all of the investment decisions that are made across all of our clients' portfolios.

The asymmetrical return profile of Fixed Income securities requires a different and unique approach to managing risk in this asset class.

This investment philosophy is based on strict adherence to a set of guiding principles that are applied to all of our mandates.

Conduct independent and thorough research
  • Deep team of experienced analysts
  • Analysis must support investment decisions
Maintain disciplined focus on valuation
  • Insist on getting compensated appropriately for taking risk
  • Focus on relative value within and among asset classes
Independent thinkers / investors
  • Don’t blindly follow the crowd
  • Commitment to our research-based convictions
Take a long-term view
  • Critical to unlocking fundamental value
  • Dedicated to ongoing credit analysis and valuation surveillance
Maintain appropriate diversification
  • Helps to protect downside from unexpected surprises
  • Manages risks embedded in Fixed Income markets