• Childhood bereavement

    Helping bereaved children and their families cope with loss.

Childhood bereavement is one of society’s most pervasive issues: 1 in 15 Americans will lose a parent or sibling before age 18 and the vast majority of children experience a significant loss by the time they complete high school. Yet bereaved children remain largely unseen and under-served within their communities and schools.

Recognizing the critical need to provide greater support to bereaved children and their families, the New York Life Foundation established childhood bereavement as a key focus area in 2008 – an issue at the heart of our company’s mission and day-to-day business.

Funding Strategy:

Currently, the Foundation has three core funding priorities for our bereavement work:

  • Capacity-Building: We are concentrating on sustainability initiatives for the field, professional development, and education/awareness building for the public, with the goal of increased understanding of the sector and preparing professionals to better support this underserved population.
  • Research/Evaluation: We have looked to create projects that will add value to the field by filling gaps and developing standard models, protocols, metrics, and assessments.
  • Direct Service: We also dedicate our support directly to programs and resources for grieving children and their families, aiming to increase access and services for bereaved youth.

Funding requests are by invitation only but we do offer a Request for Proposal opportunity through our Grief Reach program. This program supports organizations that provide bereavement servicers to expand their services and/or grow their capacity to provide assistance to diverse and disadvantaged youth with limited access to bereavement services locally.

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Grief Reach: Supporting Local Bereavement Organizations through Request for Proposal Grant Program