• Educational enhancement

    Supporting middle school students

When it comes to achieving better educational outcomes, the transition from middle school to high school is a critical one. Students who begin high school well-prepared are four times as likely to graduate and achieve post-secondary success. That’s why we are committed to supporting programs that create stronger academic foundations for middle school students during out-of-school hours.

The Foundation has supported educational enhancement for middle school and high school students for several decades, and in 2013 we implemented a new, narrowed focus on middle school students’ transition from middle to high school. The Foundation focuses its funding in this area on three specific categories: after-school, summer learning, and extended day programs.

Our partners:

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Aim High: The Aim High program – a partnership between the New York Life Foundation and the Afterschool Alliance – will provide $1.95 million over three years to out-of-school time (OST) programs serving disadvantaged youth. Click to learn more about our Aim High partnership.