• Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative - How it works

GSSI taps into New York Life’s nationwide workforce of more than 20,000 agents and employees to help share the Coalition’s resources with schools across the country. As a part of the program, New York Life trains interested and qualified agents and employees about supporting grieving students at school. These GSSI ambassadors then connect with local schools (which must be accredited K-12 public or private institutions) to offer a presentation to school professionals on the issue of grief at school and direct educators to existing grief resources that can help them provide a more supportive environment for their students (including http://www.grievingstudents.org/).

Participating schools are encouraged to make a formal commitment to strive to become more grief-sensitive. Those that do receive New York Life’s "Grief-Sensitive School" designation as well as a $500 grant to help them enhance the grief support and resources available in their school community.