• Jeremy

    Enterprise data

There’s a huge opportunity.

Why did you choose New York Life for your career in technology?

For me, it was all about opportunity. I commute more than two hours a day door-to-door after leaving a job that was 13 miles from home. Here, we’re developing a new team from the ground up and building new data capabilities. I have the flexibility and accountability to make decisions and get things done.

What surprised you the most when you started working at New York Life?

It was surprising that New York Life still has a pension plan. It’s an indicator of the company’s loyalty to its employees and is not something you find in a lot of companies anymore.

Why would you recommend New York Life to technology professionals?

You could consider other companies, such as the usual tech companies, but there’s a huge opportunity at New York Life to put your stamp on something that will help the company and its customers. You are empowered to do some really neat things.

What gets you most excited about coming to work?

Meeting new people and learning more about the company’s business. This is a melting pot the likes of which I’ve never been exposed to before. It’s nice to meet and work with people of diverse talents.

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