• Viren

    Technology architecture

For the common good.

What’s an interesting fact about New York Life that others might not know?

An interesting – and important – fact is the focus on diversity. We have seven employee resource groups that encourage us to take time to understand the different cultures of employees within the company and the world around us. The inclusion and diversity support is wonderful.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy that I am able to lead the design and architecture for a project that’s providing a long-term solution needed for the stability of the company. It’s very challenging, and I like that.

What stands out to you about the company’s culture?

I like the collaboration of different departments working together on a joint project. It’s a matter of balancing priorities and working for the common good.

What makes New York Life an attractive place to work?

The strong financial stability of the company is one of the best features that should attract other professionals to join us. The last few years, we’ve paid record dividends to our policyholders.

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