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July 17, 1pm ET: Parental Burnout: How to Overcome Challenges & Thrive Through Parenthood

Parental burnout is a growing concern impacting countless families today. This training examines the signs and risk factors associated with parental burnout and provides practical strategies to thrive through parenthood.

August 14, 1pm ET: The Impact of a Difficult Childhood on Your Adult Life

Childhood experiences teach us how to navigate relationships and manage stress and greatly impact our self-esteem. Join our seminar to explore childhood's impact on how we view ourselves, relationships, and find ways to effectively manage stress. Learn strategies to rewrite your story and thrive.

September 11, 1pm ET: No Such Thing as Perfect Parent

In today's diverse society, defining the 'perfect parent' is challenging. Cultural background, values, and personal experiences shape parenting styles. Striving for perfection can backfire, causing unforeseen issues. Join our workshop to embrace balanced parenting and let go of unrealistic ideals.

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