175 Years of New York Life History

Since 1845, we've been helping people put their love into action for their families and loved ones. Here we look back at just some of the milestones along our 175-year journey.

At least ten U.S. presidents have been New York Life policyholders, roughly 20 percent of all U.S.presidents.
1845 Since our founding in 1845, we've never had stockholders, only policy owners.
1891 When women were still prohibited from entering a legal contract in 1891, we had hired our first five female agents.
1896 In 1896 we became the first company to offer life insurance to people with disabilities.
1919 During World War I and World War II, nearly 3,000 New York Life employees served in the armed forces. So many people affiliated with New York Life's Home Office served in World War I that in 1919 the company was awarded its own chapter in the newly formed American Legion: NYLIC Post no. 503.
1955 The New York Life Group Membership Association Division was established in 1955 devoted to providing insurance exclusively to professional and affinity groups and their members. Our first client remains an active client today.
1964 In September 1964, New York Life introduced its now-iconic logo, a blue square with the company's name in white lettering.
1979 Since 1979 the New York Life Foundation has dedicated nearly $300 million to programs that benefit young people.
1992 New York Life created the Cultural Markets Division in 1992, whose mission was to recognize and celebrate multiculturalism helping serve America's increasingly diverse communities.
1999 New York Life makes the commitment to remain a mutual company, continuing to honor our core purpose to be there for our customers when they need us.
2001 The largest disaster response in New York Life's history came in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, in which the company donated at least $4.5 million in cash or resources in a matter of days.
2008 In 2008, some financial companies took $400 billion in tax payer money. We didn't take a dime.
2009 Group Membership Association Division launched an award-winning online portal application in 2009.
2017 QuickDecisionsm automated underwriting was introduced in 2017 on the Group Membership portal providing real-time decisions to life insurance applicants. New York Life was the first in the marketplace to offer this service.
2020 New York Life celebrates 175 years standing true to our mission to provide financial security and peace of mind.

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