New York Life Introduces New Branding.
Be Good at Life.

The New York Life integrated brand communications program that premiered September 2016 has its roots in a troubling business and societal challenge. Financial well-being feels out of reach for a growing number of Americans, particularly young families.

Solving this issue is at the heart of what we do at New York Life. Our mission is to provide financial security and peace of mind through our insurance products. Continuing to fulfill this enduring mission requires us to bring a new generation of consumers into the New York Life community. We believe brand communications can help win their attention.


“We call this target audience 'maturing millennials,' the 25- to 35-year-old consumers who are getting married, having children, buying homes, and starting small businesses,” says Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Kelli Parsons. “While they have traditional needs for life insurance, we must communicate differently with this digital native generation to be relevant to them, especially as they prioritize addressing other financial needs such as record levels of college debt.”

Our new brand purpose—“Be Good at Life”—is designed to appeal across generations while focusing on the interests and needs of maturing millennials. It is grounded in a key insight derived from months of research and analysis.

“Consumers, especially millennials, view being smart with their money as an essential ingredient of being good at life,” says Kari Axberg, head of brand strategy and experience. “This is not surprising, given that they grew up during the recession and many saw their parents lose their retirement savings or their homes. This generation aspires to gain control of their finances—to be liberated to enjoy life. We believe New York Life uniquely empowers Americans to achieve financial liberation and we want to tell that story.”

Axberg serves as the quarterback of NYL’s integrated brand communications initiative to introduce and instill “be good at life” in the minds of consumers utilizing a diverse range of communication channels, including paid and social media, public relations, and owned properties such as the reimagined company website. “The integrated brand communication program makes both the rational case for New York Life and the emotional payoff of financial liberation and well-being,” says Axberg.

The advertising reflects research findings that consumers view New York Life as different and more interesting than our competitors when we present our truths and proof points through compelling messages.

“‘Be Good at Life’ is the result of months of collaboration and hard work among our communications and marketing teams and business partners. So many people have contributed their talents to build and launch ‘Be Good at Life,’” says Parsons. “And, we’re really just getting started. I’m excited by our opportunity to present New York Life in a new way to compel more Americans to make a plan to protect their families and grow their lives with us.”

Check out the new commerical for "Be Good at Life" here.

This Information is courtesy of New York Life Insurance Company, used with permission. It is intended exclusively for general information only.