Supplemental health benefits

For added peace of mind and quality care.

Health-care benefits are some of the most popular benefits available in the workplace today. But as the costs continue to rise, more and more companies are cutting back. Group supplemental health benefits from New York Life can help fill the void by giving members an affordable way to pay for health-related services—or other daily living costs—that might not be covered by their workplace plan.

The benefits of supplemental health insurance.

Group supplemental health benefits can help protect members from the potentially high cost of a serious illness or hospitalization. Voluntary supplemental benefits complement traditional health coverage by providing a lump-sum cash benefit whenever the certificate holder receives a specific type of care.

What group products are available?

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan
Pays a fixed daily benefit for each covered day the certificate holder is confined in a hospital. Benefit amounts can increase, even double, if hospitalization is due to cancer or if the certificate holder is admitted to intensive care.

Hospital and Home-Care Recovery Insurance
Pays a cash benefit based on the number of covered days the certificate holder is in the hospital, as well as a daily benefit to secure home care following a hospital stay.

Critical Illness Insurance Plan
Pays a single, lump-sum benefit when the certificate holder is diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or other specified critical illness.