Cutting-edge technology keeps things simple, secure, and affordable.

While New York Life may be one of the nation’s oldest life insurance companies, we are committed to looking toward the future. Our team uses the latest technology to streamline processes, deliver information, and help your administrators make educated decisions. Moreover, you can be sure that we take privacy very seriously—and have state-of-the-art safeguards in place to protect member information.

Let’s take a look at some of our latest innovations:

Online applications

This reflexive, rules-based technology keeps administration costs low, accelerates turnaround times, and makes it easy to apply for multiple coverages and/or riders at once.

  • Apply for multiple coverages on one easy website.
  • E-signature options to expedite processing.
  • It’s a New York Life-designed application, so no additional hardware or security is necessary—we've done the work for you!

Tele-underwriting with voice signature.

Telephone interviews save time and reduce errors in underwriting. Plus, our voice signature feature is a secure, legally binding way to eliminate the time and cost involved in securing a handwritten signature.

Building your competitive advantage through metrics.

At New York Life, we want to be partners in your success. That’s why we provide access to data across all our departments, including case accounting, underwriting, and sales, as well as online metrics for a holistic view of your group’s activity. With our experience and knowledge of insurance, and your expertise and history within your group, we can help build a strong program for long-term results.

Online Application Dashboard provides a secure,
interactive tool to show your online activity and connected marketing success.

Case Accounting and Financial data keeps you informed
and on track to meet your goals.