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Employee's Whole Life

    EWL Interactive Rate Calculator

Face Amount limits: Please note that for Spouse policies, the maximum face amount limits are $50,000 for SI ($25,000 in NY) and $25,000 for GI. This Calculator is for Internal Use only.

Agents: Click here for instructions and to download paper rate charts. »

For Internal Use Only. SMRU1686625 (Exp. 3/14/18). Current rate as of today is illustrated; the rates are subject to change.

This program is not intended to be subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). The employer does not contribute to or endorse the program. Employee Participation is completely voluntary. Employee's Whole Life is issued by the New York Life Insurance Company.

In Oregon, the Employee's Whole Life policy number is ICC12-213-52. The rider form numbers are as follows: Accidental Death Benefit: 208-200; Child's Protection Benefit: 208-325; Disability Waiver of Premium: 208-225; Living Benefits: ICC12-213-497; and Spouse's Paid-Up Insurance Purchase Option: 205-375.