Login FAQs.

  • When am I eligible1 to log in?

    You are eligible to login if:

    • You are the sole owner or joint owner of a policy
    • Your records contain complete information
  • How do I create an account?

    Click the new user button to sign up for the Virtual Service Center. Note the following while choosing a user name and password.

    User names:

    • Must be at least 5 characters in length, and no more than 50 characters, and cannot contain spaces.
    • Are not case sensitive.
    • Should not be your Social Security Number.


    • Must be at least 8 characters long.
    • Are case sensitive.
    • Must contain alphanumeric characters and cannot contain spaces.
    • Should not be shared with anyone, and should be changed frequently for your security.
  • Forgot your user name or password?

    Click here to reset your password.

  • Want to change your user name or password?
    • Log into the Virtual Service Center, and click on the Update Login link on the Account Summary page
    • Update Login Info option (on left side of contract)
  • How do I view my account information?

    To register for access to view your account/policy information, visit the Virtual Service Center.

  • Which products and services can I access via the Virtual Service Center* and Account Summary+?

    Please note that some listed products and services are no longer available for new sales and are only listed for service purposes:

    Life Insurance

    • Whole Life *†
    • Single Premium Whole Life *†
    • Modified Premium Whole Life *†
    • Custom Whole Life *†
    • Survivorship Whole Life *†
    • Employee Whole Life *†
    • Employee Adjustable Life


    Term Insurance

    • Increasing Premium Term Insurance *†
    • 5 Year Term Insurance *†
    • Twenty Year Term Insurance*†
    • Family Protection Term Insurance*†
    • 7-Year Term


    Long-Term Care Insurance

    Universal Life and Variable Universal Life

    • Accumulator® Universal Life Insurance *†
    • Variable Universal Life Accumulator*†
    • Variable Universal Life Accumulator Plus*†
    • Survivorship Variable Universal Life Accumulator *†
    • Protector® *†
    • Survivorship Universal Life *†
    • Asset Preserver *†
    • Universal Life Lifetime Guarantee *†
    • Survivorship Universal Life Lifetime Guarantee *†
    • Variable Universal Life *†
    • Survivorship Variable Universal Life *†
    • Variable Universal Life 2000*†
    • Variable Universal Life Provider *†
    • Single Premium Variable Universal Life *†
    • Instant Legacy *†
    • Legacy Creator Single Premium Variable Universal Life *†
    • Target Life*†


    Investment and Income Annuities

    • Variable Annuity *
    • Premium Plus Variable Annuity *†
    • Premium Plus II Variable Annuity *†

    • Flexible Premium Variable Annuity *†
    • Access Variable Annuity*†
    • Essentials Variable Annuity *†
    • Select Variable Annuity*†
    • Elite Variable Annuity *†
    • Premium Plus Elite Variable Annuity *†
    • Fixed Annuity *†
    • Choice Fixed Annuity *†
    • Fixed Advantage Annuity *
    • Premium Plus Fixed Annuity *
    • Enhanced Fixed Annuity *
    • Preferred Fixed Annuity *
    • Optimal Fixed Annuity *
    • Flexible Premium Fixed Annuity *†
    • Premier Variable Annuity *†
    • Premier Plus Variable Annuity *†
    • Complete Access Variable Annuity*†
    • Income Plus Variable Annuity *†
    • Single Premium Retirement Annuity *†
    • Flexible Premium Retirement Annuity *†
    • Single Premium Multi-Funded Retirement Annuity *†
    • Flexible Premium Multi-Funded Retirement Annuity *†
    • Immediate Annuity *†
    • Individual Variable Annuity
    • Enhanced Value Annuity


    Pensions *†

    Pinnacle Series

    • NYLIAC Pinnacle Variable Universal Life
    • NYLIAC Pinnacle Universal Life
    • NYLIAC Pinnacle Survivorship Universal Life
    • NYLIAC Pinnacle Survivorship Variable Universal Life



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  •  This product is accessible on the Virtual Service Center.
  • This product is accessible on the Account Summary.
  • 1 You may be unable to log in if:

Your contract is not currently serviceable on the Virtual Service Center or Account Summary.

Your contract is subject to certain conditions that prevent us from allowing you to register.