Log-In FAQs.

  • When am I eligible1 to log in?

    You are eligible to login if:

    • You are the sole owner or joint owner of a policy.
    • Your records contain complete information.
  • How do I create an account?

    Click the new user button to sign up for the Virtual Service Center. Note the following while choosing a user name and password:

    User names:

    • Must be at least five characters in length, be no more than 50 characters, and cannot contain spaces.
    • Are not case sensitive.
    • Should not be your Social Security number.


    • Must be at least eight characters long.
    • Are case sensitive.
    • Must contain alphanumeric characters and cannot contain spaces.
    • Should not be shared with anyone, and should be changed frequently for your security.
  • Forgot your user name or password?

    Click here to reset your password.

  • Want to change your user name or password?
    • Log into the Virtual Service Center, and click on the Update Login link on the Account Summary page.
    • Update Log-In Info option (on left side of contract).
  • How do I view my account information?

    To register for access to view your account/policy information, visit the Virtual Service Center.

  • Which products and services can I access via the Virtual Service Center and Account Summary?

    Please note that some listed products and services are no longer available for new sales and are only listed for service purposes:

    Life Insurance

    • Whole Life *†
    • Single Premium Whole Life *†
    • Modified Premium Whole Life *†
    • Custom Whole Life *†
    • Survivorship Whole Life *†
    • Employee Whole Life *†
    • Employee Adjustable Life


    Term Insurance

    • Increasing Premium Term Insurance *†
    • 5 Year Term Insurance *†
    • 20 Year Term Insurance*†
    • Family Protection Term Insurance*†
    • 7 Year Term Insurance 


    Long-Term Care Insurance

    Universal Life and Variable Universal Life

    • Accumulator® Universal Life Insurance *†
    • Variable Universal Life Accumulator*†
    • Variable Universal Life Accumulator Plus*†
    • Survivorship Variable Universal Life Accumulator *†
    • Protector® *†
    • Survivorship Universal Life *†
    • Asset Preserver *†
    • Universal Life Lifetime Guarantee *†
    • Survivorship Universal Life Lifetime Guarantee *†
    • Variable Universal Life *†
    • Survivorship Variable Universal Life *†
    • Variable Universal Life 2000*†
    • Variable Universal Life Provider *†
    • Single Premium Variable Universal Life *†
    • Instant Legacy *†
    • Legacy Creator Single Premium Variable Universal Life *†
    • Target Life*†


    Investment and Income Annuities

    • Variable Annuity *
    • Premium Plus Variable Annuity *†
    • Premium Plus II Variable Annuity *†

    • Flexible Premium Variable Annuity *†
    • Access Variable Annuity*†
    • Essentials Variable Annuity *†
    • Select Variable Annuity*†
    • Elite Variable Annuity *†
    • Premium Plus Elite Variable Annuity *†
    • Fixed Annuity *†
    • Choice Fixed Annuity *†
    • Fixed Advantage Annuity *
    • Premium Plus Fixed Annuity *
    • Enhanced Fixed Annuity *
    • Preferred Fixed Annuity *
    • Optimal Fixed Annuity *
    • Flexible Premium Fixed Annuity *†
    • Premier Variable Annuity *†
    • Premier Plus Variable Annuity *†
    • Complete Access Variable Annuity*†
    • Income Plus Variable Annuity *†
    • Single Premium Retirement Annuity *†
    • Flexible Premium Retirement Annuity *†
    • Single Premium Multi-Funded Retirement Annuity *†
    • Flexible Premium Multi-Funded Retirement Annuity *†
    • Immediate Annuity *†
    • Individual Variable Annuity
    • Enhanced Value Annuity


    Pensions *†

    Pinnacle Series

    • NYLIAC Pinnacle Variable Universal Life
    • NYLIAC Pinnacle Universal Life
    • NYLIAC Pinnacle Survivorship Universal Life
    • NYLIAC Pinnacle Survivorship Variable Universal Life



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  •  This product is accessible on the Virtual Service Center.
  • This product is accessible on the Account Summary.
  • 1 You may be unable to log in if:

Your contract is not currently serviceable on the Virtual Service Center or Account Summary.

Your contract is subject to certain conditions that prevent us from allowing you to register.