Here at New York Life, we support agents who want to help protect the members of their community, see their clients reach personal financial goals, and ultimately help to secure a better future for the next generation.

Working to educate the community about different strategies for wealth preservation and accumulation is at the core of the opportunity we offer our agents. Just imagine how it would feel to help families not only keep more of what they earn but also to grow their assets to meet their future obligations.

As an agent at New York Life, your success is a reflection of your clients’ success and satisfaction. Success is earned through your dedication to serve, and it is built on the trust of those you serve well. Building trust in the community often comes from within, so agents who share similar cultural backgrounds with members of their communities may have an advantage. When authentic relationships are formed – based on similar values, language and traditions – trust has a strong foundation on which to grow.

As an agent working in the Chinese market at New York Life, you’ll receive support every step of the way to help you succeed—gaining access to top-notch training, sales enablement tools, and a library of in-language, culturally relevant marketing materials to best meet the needs and earn the trust of your future clients.

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