Maria Collins, vice president of the New York Life Foundation, was prominently featured in “How schools are addressing students' mental health needs due to trauma of COVID-19,” an ABC News article by Meredith Deliso that illustrates how schools are preparing to address various needs, including grief, trauma and secondary losses, students may have experienced as they return for a third school year impacted by COVID-19.  Ms. Collins is quoted about the company’s Grief-Sensitive School Initiative, a program that is helping school communities across the country to address trauma and grief in the classroom by providing training and free resources to better equip school staff to support grieving students and their families. "Grief can have a serious impact on learning, academic performance, social withdrawal, behavioral issues, if not supported," Collins told ABC News. "It's really understanding and acknowledging that the loss exists, and this impacts how they learn and also how present they are in the classroom."

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