Yie-Hsin Hung, CEO of New York Life Investment Management (NYLIM), participated in a panel discussion, “The State and Future of Asset Management,” at the New York Bloomberg Invest Summit, sharing insights on the current asset management landscape.

Originally published: 6/26/2018

Yie-Hsin Hung discusses investing strategies, international markets and fixed income on Bloomberg TV.

The discussion, moderated by Bloomberg Reporter Peggy Collins, addressed the need for alternatives for investors, active and passive investing, as well as consolidation, international growth and how innovation is transforming the industry.

"We believe alternatives belong in every investor’s portfolio." —Yie-Hsin Hung

The other panelists were David A. Hunt, President and CEO, Prudential Global Investment Management, and Cyrus Taraporevala, President and CEO, State Street Global Advisors.

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