A recent Workplace Intelligence Weekly newsletter article titled The Leaders Championing the Post-COVID Workplace Experience features the insights of Carla Rutigliano, New York Life’s Head of Human Resources & Corporate Affairs. Her thoughts appear alongside those of HR leaders from other companies including PwC, Philips, Chevron, WW, John Deere, Sodexo, and Shopify. Workplace Intelligence Weekly is an online newsletter about workplace trends published on LinkedIn with more than 100,000 subscribers.

As the article’s author Dan Schawbel notes, “I've selected some thoughtful leaders from some of the world's most admired companies, in a variety of industries, that have strategic plans on creating a safe and effective employee experience for a post-COVID workplace environment. Their role is to bring clarity, thought, and insight into how the workplace can evolve to meet the needs of their employees and business.”

A thoughtful and gradual approach

Explaining that the return of New York Life’s staff to regular work locations will not be rushed and will be managed thoughtfully and gradually, Rutigliano shares that the approach the company is taking is driven by a desire to safeguard staff and their families and provide them with peace of mind while also continuing to meet the needs of New York Life’s customers.

Rutigliano highlights that the company’s decisions are based on applying New York Life’s companywide approach while considering the unique factors of a specific location and employee population. For example, this involves assessing locations’ readiness to reopen given social distancing and protective requirements, the need for policies and procedures to govern how employees access and interact in New York Life locations, commuting issues, and accounting for business requirements and personal needs, such as childcare.

Committed to the power of human guidance

In terms of New York Life’s 12,000 financial professionals across the country, she explains that the pandemic has accelerated what the company already had planned in terms of developing more online resources for them and the company’s customers. With protection-first planning being the heart of the company’s business and driving the company’s career agency business model, New York Life remains firmly committed to the power of human guidance and human interaction with clients and policy owners. She adds that this isn’t a question of either technology or people and that the company strongly believes in the power of a hybrid approach where technology is used to empower and augment interactions and relationships.

Rutigliano also expresses her gratitude and pride in the way the New York Life team has taken initiative, adapted, and risen to the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic.

Read Workplace Intelligence Weekly’sThe Leaders Championing the Post-COVID Workplace Experience” to find out more.

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