This year, Mother’s Day will be a very different celebration from the usual gathering of families. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many older people are self-isolating to protect themselves and social distancing recommendations are widespread. Now is not the time to make long trips to see your parents, but holidays like these can accentuate the loneliness of our current circumstances, so it’s important to connect with your Mom however you can.

Here are five tips to help you and your family celebrate everything your mother does for you in a socially responsible way:

1.     Special delivery

With so much available to order online, you can still make your Mom feel special. Flowers, chocolates and cards can all be ordered and delivered on time for the big day. But you don’t have to go the traditional route. If she’s stuck in the house, think about what she might be missing. Is her favourite local bakery or deli doing delivery? If she’s running out of things to do, consider a subscription to a streaming site or a monthly book or magazine subscription.

2.     A virtual celebration

No matter where you all are, your family can come together for lunch via a wide variety of video-conferencing apps. Cooking the same dishes can help to make it feel more like a shared experience and be sure to include any traditions you have when you all get together. If finding a shared hour to eat together is logistically tough – due to time differences for example – then just arrange ten minutes to have a cup of tea or raise a glass.

3.     Communication is key

What Moms want more than anything else on Mother’s Day is to hear from you. So go old-school and write her a letter – she’ll love the care and time you’ve put into talking with her. Or, if she’s got grandkids, get them to make a special video. Have them sing a song, put on a show or just tell her that they love her and miss her. She’ll treasure it long after these difficult times have passed.

4.     The homemade touch

You might not be able to visit, but if you live close by, you can become a special delivery service yourself. Make your Mom a sweet treat you know she’ll love or prepare that shared lunch for the virtual get together and drop it off at her door. If you can get the grandkids involved, have them make a card or a gift – a few hours off home-schooling for you and a gift your Mom will love.

5.     Postpone some of the fun

Even if you decide to go for one (or all) of the options above, you can still decide to celebrate Mother’s Day again later in the year. Many countries have their Mother’s Day on different dates, Argentina for example, celebrates in October. By promising to celebrate again later, you give everyone something to look forward to and another chance to make your Mom feel special.

These days, it’s more important than ever to connect with family. While we are all thinking first and foremost about protecting ourselves and our loved ones, as well as our wider community, we also need to nurture the relationships that sustain us through hard times. Celebrating holidays like Mother’s Day helps bring a sense of normality – and the all-important human touch.    

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