Whoever the “mom” in your life is – whether adoptive Mom, step-Mom, or big sister – Mother’s Day is the day to tell them that you love them. If you are able to celebrate the day together, that’s wonderful, especially after the tough time we’ve had during the pandemic. However, if you can’t visit Mom in person this year, here are five ways to make Mother’s Day special at a distance.


1.    Special delivery

Many of us have done a lot more shopping online in the past year. Add a little extra something to your basket this Mother’s Day to make her feel special. Moms who like the traditional touch will appreciate a lovely, bright bunch of flowers or a plant delivery. If she enjoys flower arranging, send her a selection of stems to assemble herself. She’s sweet enough, but she’ll always appreciate a big box of chocolates – and she won’t have to share them with you! You could even get a gift that keeps on giving, and make it Mother’s Day every month, with a subscription box. Spoil her with a beauty box, full of lovely skincare items, or step up the flower power with a monthly box of blooms.  

2.     A virtual celebration

Families across the country have found ways of connecting virtually during the pandemic, so Mom should be an expert on Zoom by now. If you can’t sit round the same table in person, get together for Sunday lunch with Mom via video conference. Suggest cooking along together to make it feel more like a shared experience. You could send her a mealkit in advance, or arrange to make one of her favorite dishes. If finding a shared hour to eat together is tough – due to time differences for example – then why not arrange ten minutes to have a cup of coffee or raise a glass to say “Thanks Mom!”

3.     Communication is key

The simplest acts of kindness can be the most powerful. What Moms want more than anything else on Mother’s Day is to hear from you. If something like Zoom isn’t an option, write her a letter. She’ll appreciate that you’ve made an extra effort. If she’s got grandkids, get them to make a special video. Have them sing a song, put on a show or just tell her that they love her and miss her. She’ll treasure it forever.

4.     The homemade touch

If your finances don’t stretch to a big bunch of flowers, there are plenty of powerful, wallet-friendly  ways to express your gratitude. Love doesn’t cost a thing after all! Get crafty, or put together a photo album of special moments for her to enjoy. If she has grandkids, get them involved – have them make a card or gift. This has the added bonus of keeping the kids occupied with a fun, creative activity! Task them with making a personalized family portrait card. Mom will love it.

5.     Make another Mother’s Day

Even if you decide to go for one (or all) of the options above, you can still opt to celebrate Mother’s Day in person later in the year when hopefully we’ll all be able to gather safely together. By promising to celebrate again later, you give everyone something to look forward to and another chance to make your Mom feel special. Even if you can celebrate in person this Mother’s Day, who needs an excuse to get together again?

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