Every year on the last Sunday of July, National Parents’ Day is celebrated to recognize the role of parents in children’s lives. In 1994, Congress unanimously passed The Parents’ Day Resolution to support the role of parental guidance in building a strong, stable society.

This year’s National Parents’ Day, July 26, will be marked by a pandemic that has made many of us appreciate our parents now more than ever. Coronavirus has impacted multi-generational families in different ways. Some have been separated by shutdown restrictions. Others have moved back into the family home to look after elderly relatives.

That’s why this year it’s even more important to celebrate your parents on National Parents’ Day and show appreciation, love, care, and respect for all the sacrifices, nurturing, and emotional strength they’ve given you.

Make it meaningful and memorable
You don’t have to spend money on National Parents’ Day in order to make it a special moment. Just spend time with your parents to make sure they realize how much you appreciate them.

If you can’t visit, be sure to call and say how much they mean to you. Why not create a personalized gift, like an album of family photographs, or

record a special video message for them on your cell phone? A heartfelt message that recognizes everything they have done to protect and raise you will be something they can cherish forever.

Protecting your family
Protecting your family is always a priority concern. With the world changing all the time, it’s no easy task. If you have a family, why not take a moment to explore your coverage options on National Parents’ Day?

Reviewing your insurance  coverage is a simple way to make sure your family will be financially protected if something happens to you. With the right protection, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re ready for whatever lies ahead.

This kind of family security is a specialty for New York Life. We are a one-stop-shop for planning your family's financial future. Contact us to find out more about options for protecting your family and securing the coverage you need at every stage of life.

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