Since 1979, the New York Life Foundation has focused its support on times of transition for young people and supporting our community as needed. In the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have the opportunity to come together to foster resiliency in children and young adults and build community support. We developed an ongoing series from the New York Life Foundation called, ‘Ask the Expert.’ This episode, ‘What will summer programs look like for children during the pandemic.’ features the New York Life Foundation’s Senior Program Officer Marlyn Torres and one of our experts, Aaron Philip Dworkin, CEO, National Summer Learning Association.  The National Summer Learning Association’s mission is to ensure every child, regardless of background and zip code, learns and thrives every summer. 

In this video Marlyn and Aaron discuss how crucial summertime is for children:

  • Summer is one of the most unequal times in education and can be a time for kids to either propel forward or fall behind.
  • Leverage this summer and next by helping kids to: improve in one academic area, develop one new skill, work with a mentor, and serve others.  

High quality summer programs improve math and reading skills, and also build critical social emotional skills of students. These are skills that will help them not only in school but also in their careers and life.     

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