Since 1979, the New York Life Foundation has focused its support on times of transition for young people and supporting our community as needed. In the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have the opportunity to come together to foster resiliency in children and young adults and build community support. We developed an ongoing series from the New York Life Foundation called, ‘Ask the Expert.’ This episode, ‘Educating non-medical healthcare professionals in supporting bereaved families’ features Heather Nesle, President of the New York Life Foundation, and Jorge Moreno, MD, Assistant Professor at the Yale School of medicine.   They discuss the recent grant the Foundation made to Yale University/Yale Child Study Center to increase the accessibility of bereavement training and information for non-medical health professionals and other professionals in hospital and medical settings.   

There is a considerable gap between the needs and desires of grieving families and the level of preparedness of non-medical health hospital staff. A majority of hospital staff (doctors, nurses, administrative staff, residents, etc.) are not trained in delivering the news of death or supporting a family afterwards.  

Key Takeaways:

  1. Prioritize communication between patient, patient's family, and team members
  2. Pause for the patient, team, and self-reflection
  3. Increase goals of care/end-of-life education at all stages of medical training

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