Originally published 9/1/2020

For most of us, life slowed down after the pandemic hit. But some of us were called to action. These are the stories of those who stepped up when their communities were down.

Myrla Parrish is a Senior Coordinator, Mount Sinai Health. She works with healthcare workers of all kinds —from custodial staff, to security, to nurses and doctors — making sure they have resources to deal with issues such as stress, mental health, and grief.

Myrla has been able to provide a consistently high level of quality care during a time where her services have been needed more than ever.

“At the beginning of COVID, it was so sudden and overwhelming. I believe that pretty much everyone in the health system is a hero,” she says.

Like the others featured in our Love Takes Action series, we recognized her courage and heart with a gift allowing her to continue to give back to her community. We honored Myrla’s efforts by donating to the Brave of Heart Fund and to Mount Sinai Health in her name.

See her story in the newest episode of our #LoveTakesAction series here.

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