Dylan Huang talks variable annuities in Forbes.


Dylan Huang, head of retail annuities at New York Life, is quoted in a Forbes article that discusses the importance of having secure income sources in building successful retirement plans.

In speaking to New York Life seeing growing traction around a less complex variable annuity offering, Huang explains:

"While we believe the ultimate way to secure retirement is through a guaranteed lifetime stream of income, we also recognize that not everyone is ready for income planning. Instead, they prefer to focus on growing their nest eggs. These folks tend to dial down their equity exposure due to fear of loss. Driven by these worried savers, we’ve seen growth in our variable annuity with an optional accumulation benefit rider, which offers 100% protection of principal in case of a market slide, with uncapped growth potential."

Read the full article, "Simpler Variable Annuities Could Play A Big Role In Retirement Planning."

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