Visually-impaired New York Life service team member’s inspiring story featured in Runner’s World.


New York Life Service employee Melissa Blume was born legally blind, and has limited blurry vision, yet her visual impairment doesn’t prevent her from competing in marathons. For the past three-and-a-half years, Blume has been running with members of Achilles International, a nonprofit that supports and enables athletes with disabilities to participate in mainstream competitions.

“Achilles International has changed my life,” says Blume. “It’s given me a powerful sense of achievement, improved my self-esteem, and has provided a community of support in the sport of running. I hope to inspire and encourage people who have disabilities to stay active with a sport or something they enjoy.”

Click here to read her story in Runner's World magazine and learn how Achilles International has changed her life and the lives of thousands of other runners.

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