How the New York Life Foundation meets the needs of grieving children

The Dougy Center, one of the New York Life Foundation’s bereavement partners, this year received a $1 million dollar grant from the Foundation – the largest grant in the organization’s 36-year history.  Maria Collins, Vice President of the New York Life Foundation  joined Dougy Center Executive Director Brennan Wood on an episode of The Dougy Center’s podcast, Grief Out Loud, to discuss the grant and how they each have personally been impacted by their work in the bereavement sector.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

Why this work is important:

After the death of her father at 23 years old, Maria was compelled to provide support to young children who experienced a loss and ensure that free resources were accessible for all grieving children and their families. 

We all deal with adversity every day but learning how to do it properly with the right support is critical and this grant provides that support.  The Foundations is proud to help the Dougy Center to document their model, make it accessible and disseminate it.”
- Maria Collins, Vice President, New York Life Foundation

How documenting The Dougy Center’s model can help grieving children nationwide:

The Foundation support is enabling the Dougy Center to create a new book and website with an online training component to help other bereavement sites around the country to implement similar programs. The grant also helps smaller organizations that don’t specialize in bereavement address the gap in the services they provide to their communities.

How the work of the Foundation aligns with the values and goals of New York Life:

New York Life provides piece of mind for our policy owners and financial resources during critical events in their lives. The Foundation’s childhood bereavement focus area provides bereavement resources and services for our clients while also working to expand awareness of and access to these important tools for everyone who might be grieving a loss. 

Listen to the full episode here.

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