Ron Cooper, CFP, CLU, Boston Office, a self-described “fitness junkie,” had a dream to compete on the NBC TV show, “American Ninja Warrior,” on which contestants race through a physically demanding obstacle course. His dream came true and provided unexpected dividends for his business.

Cooper needed to find time to work out after a long day filled with family, prospects and clients. Wanting to stand out from other potential “ninjas,” Cooper decided to break Guinness World Records in various strength categories, such as most push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups in one minute with a 40-pound backpack.

The effort paid off. Cooper made it on “American Ninja Warrior” twice, competing in the regional competitions on seasons four and six. He has gone on to break 17 body resistance-type Guinness World Records, and has also appeared in Men’s Health magazine. His business also got a serious workout.

Fiscal Fitness

Over the same period, Cooper, an agent since 2001, became one of the company’s top-tier agents. “Setting world records led me to believe in myself even more, and to see that operating at a high level is possible not only in fitness, but at New York Life,” Cooper says. “It has everything to do with focus.”

Cooper’s clients notice the difference of working with a world record holder. They tell him they respect his commitment to health and fitness—and are more confident in his abilities as a financial planner because of it. “How you do anything is how you do everything,” Cooper says. “In other words, how you take care of yourself, keep your home, run your business, etc., is a reflection of how you take care of others. For me it’s all connected.”

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