We all love Halloween, but for some this year it may be a little harder than usual to have fun on fright night. For those of you looking  to enjoy this year’s festivities a bit more safely during the pandemic check out these tips. For now, here’s how some of our favorite Halloween characters could use some life insurance.


You can’t say that Dracula needs life insurance. It’s what we specialize in, but we wouldn’t recommend it to an immortal. What the Count of Transylvania needs is comprehensive retirement planning. We can help, with great guidance on annuities so that his infernal lordship can rely on being kept in the manner to which he is accustomed over a (very, very, very) long retirement.


Werewolves obviously have life insurance sorted out, silver bullet indemnity included. But for their… alter ego... we would have to suggest working out a 529 college savings plan. After all, with wolves dropping litters of up to 6 puppies every year, over a supernatural lifetime, that’s a lot of kids to send to college. Encouraging our lupine customers to save for future education costs is imperative so their little pups grow up to be wise adult werewolves.


Our Wiccan friends are well-known for using powerful black magic to prolong their lives. That’s why term life insurance might be a good fit, particularly for a witch’s active years. Life insurance is about taking care of those left behind and by casting various curses on other covens and zipping through the skies on a broomstick, a witch is putting her life at risk. But with a great term life insurance policy, she can be sure her sisters can carry on without her.

The Mummy

Like the illustrious Count of Transylvania, High Priest Imhotep has an entire Egyptian pyramid of riches to draw upon. He doesn’t want to spend all his time staying in cheap motels while searching the world for the reincarnated soul of his lost love He should engage with New York Life to manage his wealth so that when he finally finds Ankh-es-en-amon, he’ll have more than just some tatty bandages and the promise of eternal life to entice her back into his arms.

Frankenstein’s monster

You’re eight feet tall, hideously ugly and locked in an obsessive-compulsive relationship with your father/creator when he foolishly tumbles into freezing water in the Arctic Circle and dies of pneumonia. Frankenstein’s monster is bound to find it hard to go on after all that. However, he decides to stick around and is going to need help and the best of care. In cases like these, New York Life’s long-term care insurance solutions can help get the (after)life care you need. And you can customize it based on your particular needs, which will doubtless be quite specific for Frankenstein’s monster, who’s been stitched together out of various body parts.

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