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Are you adequately insured this Life Insurance Awareness Month?

New York Life | June 28, 2018

Life Insurance Awareness Month in September is a reminder to make sure all of your life insurance needs are adequate and up-to-date.

A lack of life insurance had a devastating effect on this family when its patriarch died unexpectedly. Palak Patel tells her story.

The death of her father taught Palak Patel how short life can be and how important life insurance can be.

My parents moved to this country to live the American Dream. They wanted to make something out of nothing, so they bought a convenience store.

When I was just 12, my mother had to deliver the news that my father had been killed while pursuing that dream. This missing link in my life hurt my family both emotionally and financially. I grew up without feeling protected. I lost all sense of hope for a while, wondering how my sister, mom and I would get by.

On top of all this, my father’s lack of life insurance really made my family struggle.

I know my father loved us, but the financial burden we faced was too much to bear. It became common to have to say “no” to buying many of the things we needed.

"I know my father loved us, but the financial burden we faced was too much to bear."

— Palak Patel

My father’s death made me realize how short life can be and how we should strive to do the most we can every day we’re above ground. I’m now valedictorian of my class, and my dream is to go college and become a pediatrician.

Life insurance is essential. Accidents happen, and life truly is so short. To ensure the security and safety of your families, please invest in something that can last and be your legacy.

Follow up: Palak Patel received a Life Lessons Scholarship from Life Happens, which assists students who are struggling financially to get an education due to a parent dying with little or no life insurance.

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