Sujay Muppala was a data analyst intern this summer and worked in the Office of Data Governance at our Dallas Tech Center. Eager to share what he was learning, Muppala wrote a blog detailing his experiences. Here are excerpts from his social media blog on his 2018 New York Life summer internship:

Working as an intern at a 173-year young company has some unique perks and rewards, and with it comes a burden of having to uphold values that have permeated into the work culture that has kept this company alive and kicking through times of historic turmoil.

My internship kicked off with a trip to the Home Office in New York for orientation. It was an informational expedition on the company's legacy as well as a networking opportunity to connect with the other interns and senior leadership teams.

As a data analyst, I got to work for the Office of Data Governance, which is part of the Retail Life division. At the start of the internship, my view of Data Governance and its importance in data analytics was limited. Once I was put in the front lines of data accumulation, harmonization, profiling, and wrangling for various forms of data (in Excel files, standard databases, and Hadoop Data lakes) and defining process workflows for applications for various Insurance products, it helped imbibe in me the strategic importance of Data Governance and controls in place for better analytics.

I was lucky enough to be mentored by a great team with a wealth of knowledge and resources in Data Governance. The team helped me ease into my internship with enough training and guidance on tools like waterline, Hive SQL, and Trifacta (New York Life Ventures has not only invested in Trifacta, but New York Life has also partnered with Trifacta to modernize our organization’s analytics platform. The software’s capabilities have had positive impacts in areas including customer relationship management and risk analysis.)

Apart from the day-to-day activities, the internship also gave me a forum to network and interact with other technology teams and learn how what they do helps New York Life. As an intern, I was able to get trained in Agile framework with in-house Agile coaches. I also learned the nuances of the myriad world of insurance.

The course work at Jindal School of Management at University of Texas at Dallas has helped me prepare for a career in data analytics, and this internship has put me on the right track towards achieving my professional goals.

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