Sometimes an agent can foster family growth as well as financial growth.

New York Life Policy owners Dan and Courtney Miani have two biological children, but they always wanted to adopt children from another country to complete their family.

They knew it would be expensive, so they called Kathy Mortiz their New York Life Insurance agent. She helped them to determine that yes, thanks to the sound planning and life insurance policies they had purchased with Moritz guidance, the Mianis could afford to adopt—not just one child, but two special-needs boys from China.

Moritz, now managing partner of the Greater Detroit Office of New York Life, has become more than an agent to Dan and Courtney; she has become a friend.

A sense of responsibility

Meet the Mianis: Dan is a vice principal and teacher; Courtney is a veterinarian. Together these New York Life policy owners have a dream of adding to their family by adopting special needs children. Their story starts here.

A new life

Now living with their new family, Paul, 8, born deaf, and James 2, born with a cleft lip and palate, experience love and security and provide their own gifts to the Mianis.

How will we pay for it?

Wondering how they would pay for he adoption, the Mianis find the answer in their life insurance policy.

Kathy & the Mianis

Kathy Moritz treats clients like family and clients like the Mianis do the same.

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