An interview with Sandra Monperousse, Senior Administrative Assistant, Strategic Capabilities.

The early days of March and April felt like an episode of The Twilight Zone. I live in Washington Heights in Manhattan, and looking out my window and not seeing a soul in the street, not seeing a car, was just like an end-of-days kind of feeling. Why is it one o’clock in the afternoon, and there’s no one out there?

My cousin passed away on Mother’s Day weekend. That was a gut-wrenching experience. She had a preexisting condition and contracted the virus from her daughter, who is a nurse. The two of them ended up in the hospital where her daughter worked at the same time, and the daughter was able to be with her mom when she slipped away. Thankfully, her daughter survived.

I have talked a lot with various people in the company, with other administrative assistants, to see and hear what they’re going through and feeling. And we all came across the same thing: that people are just scared—they’re feeling confused and alone.

Once we had the tools to do our jobs from home, we had to make sure that we were OK inside. What are we doing to keep ourselves healthy? What kind of things are we doing for self-care? I personally got into meditation and how it can ground you. Maybe just do it for 10 minutes a day, turning off the lights and devices and taking a couple of cleansing breaths. It really does help. It won’t eliminate the stress, but at least you have some place to go to forget it for a little while and start all over again, renewed and refreshed.

I keep in touch with my family through virtual platforms, like most people. And I started meeting with my sister and my niece at Central Park every Sunday—socially distanced, of course. And I started my own herb garden. I am eating what I grow now.

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