Before the pandemic, I was working on the 175th Anniversary branding for All of the messaging was celebratory, as you would expect. But once the country was in the throes of COVID, it became clear that we couldn’t maintain this tone. However, the 175 brand work, which focused on the consumer as the hero and the agent as a caring guide, did an amazing job at setting a new tone for us. On, we built upon the “Agape” campaign to deliver new key messages such as client repayment options and our “Love Takes Action” series. It has been awesome to witness the team adapt and continue to deliver major initiatives within this environment.

Meanwhile, discussions were beginning on how New York Life could help during this crisis, and the Brave of Heart Fund was created. I was placed on the cross-functional team to help deliver the website for the fund. I felt lucky to work for an organization that was dedicating $50 million to the families of frontline workers who lost loved ones to COVID. After the website launched, I had blood work done, and the phlebotomist said she had lost two co-workers to COVID. I told her and the hospital administrators about the BOHF website, and they were so thankful. It’s a great feeling to see the work that we do make such a difference.

On a personal note, the people in two of the five units in my apartment building in New York came down with COVID early on, and I decided it was best to go home to Michigan to ensure I had more space to social distance. That has allowed me to spend more time with my family. I’ve been able to boat with my dad on the Michigan lakes and spend time at a cabin in the woods with loved ones.

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