According to Dave Castellani, New York Life’s Senior Vice President and Business Information Officer, a targeted approach to leading technological change is crucial to getting companies to embrace transformation. As he explained in a recent CIO magazine article titled "8 Secrets of Effective Change Leaders," this includes identifying pockets of early adopters and enlisting them to help sway others in embracing transformation.

“You have to identify those who want it and get it, and you have to enlist them as your army of change agents. Once you do that, you’ll be able to readily capture the minds and spirts of all others.” - Dave Castellani

Dave shared a recent successful initiative to reduce code among his IT organization. At first, some were reluctant to trim excess code until they saw that early successes in these efforts freed up the team to work on more innovative and exciting application development projects. Building a marketing campaign around how the cost savings from cutting code funded new initiatives created even more support for the new approach he was taking toward code management. Once the marketing campaign gained momentum, team members could see the fruits of their efforts paying off and felt an enormous sense of pride in the value they were delivering to New York Life.

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