We’re all beginning to realize that this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations will be very different to those we’ve had before. Already, the pandemic is impacting traditional events like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is going virtual this year.

Parades may not be the only canceled tradition. If you live in an area with particularly high COVID-19 cases, or have family and friends in high-risk groups, you may also need to radically alter your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Many families and friends will be preparing special activities for online gatherings, including viewing parties, gaming, and eating together while apart.

Between Zoom birthday parties, graduations and weddings, we’ve all gotten used to virtual events. Hosting a virtual Thanksgiving celebration is a smart and safe way for multi-generational families, separated by distance and time, to gather together online.

However, if you make the decision to host a traditional family gathering, committing to doing it safely is important. Use your best judgement based on current public health guidelines. 

Much of the same guidance you've heard for months still applies. Above all, keep things small. Think about how many people you can host safely, and start planning soon in order to have the safest holiday possible.

Reflecting on what matters most

For better or for worse, this will be a very different Thanksgiving. But it's still an important time for families to make memories together.

We may not be able to eat, drink, exchange gifts in the same way, but Thanksgiving has always meant more than that. It’s about togetherness, no matter how we achieve it – be it in person, or over Zoom.

COVID-19 has one silver lining. It’s given us a chance to rethink the way we live our lives to be more thoughtful and concerned about others. This year, we’re all going to appreciate those family connections more than we have in years gone by.

More than anything, Thanksgiving is a time to pause and reflect on what we are grateful for. Lockdown has made us appreciate things we may have taken for granted. Family, friends, our health and the health of others around us.

Life is short. COVID-19 has reminded us acutely of this fact. In any crisis, it’s natural to experience feelings such as sadness, worry and anger. Feeling protected during this time – and appreciating that your family is safe – can help to counterbalance those negative feelings.

Thanksgiving is a timely reminder to make sure you’re safeguarding your most important assets. The pandemic may mean you have additional concerns about your life insurance and how best to protect yourself and your loved ones.

During uncertain times, you want a company that can give you the right protection. New York Life is built for times like these. We’ve been helping people find the right coverage for than 175 years, through good times and tough times, with policies that can be easily customized to suit your needs.

The right policies can protect the people who are most dependent on you. No-one wants to think about what might go wrong in your life, but with the right coverage in place, you can enjoy Thanksgiving with the confidence that you and your loved ones are protected.

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