The inaugural Bloomberg Equality Summit took place over March 22 and March 23 this year, hosting an array of inspiring speakers, offering their takes on the event’s central theme: “Measuring the Movement: Accountability in Action.” 

Attendees joined the event virtually or in-person in New York City. Session topics included “Cryptocurrency’s Role in Serving the Unbanked and Underbanked,” “Amplifying Inclusion in Animation,” “Race and Sports,” “Diversifying the Video Gaming Industry” and “Leveraging Data to Increase Representation on Wall Street,” to name a few. 

Joining the distinguished list of speakers was New York Life’s own Yie-Hsin Hung, who was invited to speak in conversation with Bloomberg Anchor Scarlett Fu. The discussion covered the representation of women and minority groups in the financial sector, the changing role of leadership  in today’s uncertain times, and the importance of prominent diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) practices in a successful organization. 

Yie-Hsin has been with New York Life for more than a decade and is currently the CEO of New York Life Investment Management and a New York Life Senior Vice President. In Yie-Hsin’s time with the business, New York Life Investments has seen more than a three-fold increase in third-party assets under management. 

Yie-Hsin joined New York Life with over thirty years of industry experience, having worked previously for companies such as Morgan Stanley and Bridgewater Associates. With a host of accolades and awards to her name, Yie-Hsin has been regularly featured in the American Banker’s “Most Powerful Women in Finance” list, Barron’s list of the “100 Most Influential Women in U.S Finance,” and was named in the Forbes “50 Over 50: Investment” list.

During the conversation, Yie-Hsin reflected on her experiences being an Asian-American woman developing a career in finance, and the impact of recent global events on equality in business. 

“I think we have to recognize that these last two years have seen an incredible amount of change: a global pandemic, a racial reckoning, this terrible crisis that we’re seeing unfold in Ukraine. This is a time when leadership has to show up differently. We need to be more empathetic, more inclusive, and we need to meet people where they are,” says Yie-Hsin. 

“Given the emotional nature of everything we’ve been through, we cannot ask people to park their emotions at the front door before they come into work. We have to lean on our colleagues: talent management and HR, their unconscious bias programs, and create space for candid conversations about race and representation.”

Yie-Hsin views DE&I as integral to modern business success, and argues it has a vital role to play in today’s workplace. At New York Life Investments, the Chief Diversity Officer is also the Head of Talent Management, a decision that demonstrates a clear commitment to integrating DE&I into the fabric of the organization. 

“You have to embed a DE&I lens into every process you have around talent, from acquisition, candidates, interviewers, to development – thinking about programs that really makes sense, and meet people’s needs when they start – all the way through to the promotion process, years in advance. Our realization was that you can’t just think about DE&I on the side, it needs to be embedded in everything to do.”

The enriching conversation touches upon the shared cultural experiences of both participants, and ultimately addresses a single question: how do we continue to break down barriers in finance?

For Yie-Hsin, there are encouraging signs we are headed in the right direction. But pursuing real equality in the finance sector, whether racial, gendered, or otherwise, must continue to be a work in progress, an approach Yie-Hsin also applies to her own growth. 

“I view myself still as a work in progress. I think that is a really important mindset, because then you don’t have to hold yourself to being perfect. The more we do something the better we get at it.”

This great event was packed with thought-provoking and illuminating discussions – and the New York Life team are already looking forward to next year. A huge thanks to Bloomberg for curating and organizing the summit

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