Yie-Hsin Hung, CEO of New York Life Investment Management, was recently interviewed by World Journal, the largest Chinese language newspaper in the U.S.

Yie-Hsin has been with New York Life for 11 years, and CEO of NYLIM for the past 6. She has been regularly featured in American Banker’s “Most Powerful Women in Finance”  as well as Barron’s list of the “100 Most Influential Women in U.S Finance.” She was also named in the Forbes “50 Over 50: Investment” list.

As an Asian woman, Yie-Hsin likes to point out that achieving these accomplishments in a male dominated industry like financial services was not easy.

She often felt that the obstacles in front of her were higher and more difficult than those faced by others. “What I learned from this journey is tremendous resilience—the ability to get back up and keep going when you run into bumps along the way,” says Yie-Hsin. “I’ve learned from these experiences and want to make the path easier and more straightforward for those who are coming up behind me.”

Yie-Hsin is an advocate of diversity within New York Life Investment Management when it comes to employee hiring, development, and promotion. She also works with organizations outside the company dedicated to social justice and equal opportunities for Asian Americans such as Apex for Youth; Ascend, an Asian business leadership organization; and the Chinese-American Planning Council, an Asian community service organization.

"Be disciplined, hardworking, and curious”—Yie-Hsin Hung

Yie-Hsin shared three suggestions for young Asian Americans interested in advancing in the workplace.

First, “Build your credibility,“ she said. “That's really about delivering results above and beyond expectations and being very good at what you do. Be disciplined, hardworking, and curious.”

Second, seek visibility. “If you have the opportunity to work on high profile projects, take it. And always look around to see if there are people in positions of influence who might be able to help advance your career.”

And last, “Be relevant,” she said, “by adding value beyond your area of expertise, seeing the bigger picture, and being willing to weigh in on the broader strategy or areas that are outside of your purview.”

You can watch Yie-Hsin Hung’s World Journal interview on YouTube:

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