Assets under management.

NYL Investors manages a broad range of fixed income and real estate assets through its three investment groups for the New York Life General Account and other valued clients.

Assets Under Management as of 3/31/20211

Total AUM: $278 Billion

1Fixed Income Investors, Private Capital Investors and Real Estate Investors are all investment groups within NYL Investors LLC ("NYL Investors"). Assets Under Management represent the combined assets under management of NYL Investors. NYL Investors AUM: book value - $252.6b, market value - $20.1b, cost + unfunded commitments - $2.7b, notional - $1.0b, AUA - $1.4b. *AUM for Real Estate Investors also includes assets under administration (AUA).
Definitions: ABS/MBS/CMBS/CMO/AGENCY CMBS: Asset-Backed Securities/Mortgage-Backed Securities/Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities/Collateralized Mortgage Obligations.