Proud legacy of success

We are proud of our work in the African American community, and the successes of our Agents and Managers in their sales and financial services careers. New York Life has over 1,200 agents serving the African American communities around the country, and these agents are driven by a deep commitment to help families and businesses obtain the protection they need today, in order to build a better tomorrow.

If you are looking for a purpose-driven career, have an entrepreneurial spirit, a career-driven mindset, aspire to significant goals, and have a passion for building and succeeding in your own practice, a career as an Agent or Manager at New York Life may be just the path for you.

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  •  A Proud Legacy of success
    New York Life Insurance Company has a long history of hiring, training and developing successful African American Agents and Managers. The company’s commitment to creating greater financial awareness among African Americans dates back to 1957 when it hired the industry’s first African American life insurance Agent, Cirilo A. McSween.
  • A commitment to create $50 billion of wealth
    New York Life’s African American Community Empowerment Plan is an Agent-led movement to help families build wealth with financial tools and strategies. In 2017, we surpassed our goal to create $50.5 billion of life insurance and future income protection which was placed by our African American Market agents in their communities.
  • Comprehensive training and education program
    At New York Life, we take your training seriously. Our agents are widely recognized as among the best–trained professionals in the industry. Even if you don’t have previous experience in selling, our multi-dimensional training program—NYLIC University—can help put you on the path to success. As an agent, you’ll determine your success by the work you put in, and compensation is based on commissions which are tied to your sales.

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