You work hard to achieve your goals, take care of your family and plan for future generations to have something to look forward to. The Chinese community is one of the largest and longest established segments of the Asian presence in the United States. Your loyalty to your family and ongoing commitment to your community places the good of everyone else above yourself.

For over 170 years, New York Life has been helping families just like yours. We understand that protecting the ones you love means everything to you. So whether you’re just starting out or hoping to take even better care of the ones you love, we can help.

What matters most to you?

  • Protect the financial future of your family.
    A life insurance policy provides simple answers to difficult questions, such as: "What would happen to the standard of living and the dreams of my loved ones if I were to die?"
    Helping you to identify the necessary and appropriate financial protection is our most important goal. Even if you are in excellent health today, no one can predict the future and the future remains uncertain.
    Through personalized consultations and with quality products and services, our agents can help you establish the insurance strategy that best suits your needs.
  • Strategies for your business and your retirement.
    If you are a business owner, there are plans or programs that can be created specifically to meet the needs of your business, helping you to protect your employees. 
    • Life insurance and other financial products to supplement your existing employee benefits. 
    • We help you by providing various life insurance and financial products that can help reduce the costly replacement of employees, motivate them and help ensure the stability and productivity of your business.
    • Business succession and growth
      Your New York Life agent can help analyze your business needs and personal goals, as well as develop a coordinated approach to help you achieve them.
    • Business continuity
      Many business owners hope that the business they established will stay in the family. When members of the founding generations retire, knowing that they had  appropriately planned for business continuity, they will be pleased to see that the business they created remains in good hands.
    • Retirement and estate planning
      At New York Life, we believe in and practice teamwork when it comes to helping you with your retirement strategy. New York Life offers its agents a strong network of support from the Advanced Planning Group that supports our agents nationwide for estate and trust planning to local office resources. Our agents will assess your specific needs and will help provide insurance and financial products that can help protect your estate and help you build and generate retirement income in consultation with your other professional advisors such as your estate attorneys and accountants as necessary.

Neither New York Life Insurance Company nor its agents or employees provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your own legal and or tax advisors regarding your particular situation.

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