Korean- Americans have the highest self-employment rate among U.S. Asians . Working with such an entrepreneurship-driven community is an exciting opportunity and one that is very relatable to the agent life experience. With the support of New York Life and our Korean Market Team, you will have an opportunity to work with business owners and families who can benefit from financial solutions that fit their needs.

People like you

Our agents are all ages and come from all walks of life and occupations. No matter where you started out, a career in sales can give you an opportunity to build a practice you can be proud of while providing valuable services. Having a good understanding of the Korean language may give you a competitive edge, as the community very much embraces their native tongue.

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At New York Life, we take your training seriously. As an agent working in the Korean Market, you’ll receive support every step of the way to help you succeed – gaining access to top-notch training, sales enablement tools, and a library of culturally relevant marketing materials to best meet the needs of your clients.

Even if you don’t have previous experience in selling, our multi-dimensional training program—NYLIC University—can help put you on the path to success. As an agent, you’ll determine your success by the work you put in, and compensation is based on commissions which are tied to your sales.


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